Happily working in film and television, Inés Vogelfang holds a multifaceted interest in telling visual stories, with a preferred focus in documentary. Born in Argentina, the 30 year-old went on to study Sound and Image Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where she completed her first project, Heart of Fantasy, in 2009, showcasing the hopeful and heartbreaking experiences of children at a pediatric hospital. She later went on to complete her graduate certificate on Documentary Film at The New School and is currently a candidate pursuing a Master of Arts.

Vogelfang's thesis film is a short documentary highlighting a close-knit community in Manhattan passionate about soccer, eloquently portraying stories of the sport's enthusiasts' day-to-day happenings in what she proudly refers to as a city symphony. Her ongoing project is an interactive documentary exemplifying how soccer changes lives around the globe.

The spirited filmmaker speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese and English, utilizing her sharp wit and creative risk-taking to find different ways to tell the stories she discovers. Currently residing and working in New York City, Vogelfang continues to study the world forever, finding inspiration in the most unassuming of places.

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