"Carolyn was such an amazing help from start to finish. She helped me develop a cohesive plan to pull together my downstairs, and we did it all long distance!!! I felt like I had too many ideas and lacked the confidence to make a decision, but after working with Carolyn I am able to give others ideas from all the things she taught me through the process. My favorite part of the process was after we had a plan, color scheme and style she did all the shopping for me and sent me links and an visual idea board so I could order the items as I was ready. Now, my house feels finished!! I used to always look around and say no room feels complete but now my open floor plan is a seamless space that I receive compliments on all the time!! 100% best decision we ever made in regards to our house! I wish I had done it sooner!!!"

North Potomac, MD

"Carolyn of Blissful Interiors would be perfect for your project. She has amazing design/color ideas and is such a joy to work with. She was so good at reading my style, while introducing ideas that I would never have come up with on my own!"

Melrose, MA

"Carolyn has such a great vision and is so thoughtful in her recommendations. We did the whole home consultation and there were things I didn't even think to ask about until we were in the space. Some of the ideas I have been grappling with for over a year were easy to see when she explained how it could all work together. She also pushed me to take more risks than I would otherwise. I love color, but tend to pick neutrals because I am afraid they would clash. Carolyn has an eye for how all of that can coordinate and was able to make some suggestions that I would never have picked myself, but love in the space.

[Our home] definitely feels more polished and cohesive. Before, it felt like a scattered set of ideas taken from pinterest, but now I feel like it"s coming together as one coordinated look. Carolyn is easy to work with and takes time to follow up and make sure you can execute the vision you create with her. I will definitely keep working with her over the years as we make small and big changes."

Melrose, MA

"After living in our house for nearly two years, my husband and I were just stuck. Neither one of us being savvy with interior design everything looked cobbled together (old apartment furniture, family hand me downs, and a few nice things here and there). We are also two busy working people without a ton of time for hunting for the right pieces. I also didn't really feel like spending a lot of money on an interior designer to just do one room. The whole house needed flow. In comes Carolyn! Instant rapport and comfort. Carolyn spent a few hours with us on a Saturday walking through our whole house and talking through our preferences (i.e. wanting to stay true to this 1937 house but also wanting to keep things updated but within budget). Carolyn came back a few days later with an amazing spreadsheet with notes on what to do in each room and links with suggestions for pieces to buy (all reasonably priced!). That list is my dream! I took it with me shopping the next week!

Our home feels much more put together and more than anything we also have a plan for what we want to do going forward. She inspired us to stop being lazy about hanging things and finally doing something about our bathrooms and so much more. One special example is how Carolyn helped me see how I could incorporate some special art pieces into our living room. I can't wait for her to come back and see our progress!"

Melrose, MA